Catch Up

Where does one even begin when I haven’t posted a blog in a year?!? I guess the basics and the big stuff. Mason is now 16, Judge is 5 and the twins are 2. We sold our home and bought a new one. Judge finished transitional kindergarten. The “babies” as we still call them are […]

Finding my way back

I have completely neglected my blog. I still follow so many of you and am also your friend on Instagram and/or FaceBook and love keeping up. I am going to find my way back here soon. Soon meaning I have a ton of draft blogs started but none are complete thoughts. Hang on and I […]

The Big 1

My babies are 1! How did that happen?!? But it did and we survived. As Corrie put it, “it has been a beautiful mess”. It has not always been easy and some days were by far worse than others but I would not trade it for anything. Summitt   This little lady is so full […]

Update for an Update

So so much to share! Life has been moving along with a lot going on. Each of us has something we are busy with and that in turn keeps the rest busy. I don’t have time to write it all out right now but plan to do a pretty extensive update this weekend or early Monday. The […]

Party of 6

Corrie and I both grew up in a family of four. Our parents were never outnumbered by children. We are outnumbered by children. Our family is big and can sometimes be loud and comes with a lot of stuff. However we have recently figured out that due to the size of our family, or maybe […]

9 months…and other things

The babies are 9 months old. We have survived 9 months with having twins. That I think is more of the miracle on some days. We had their well baby check yesterday and they are both doing well. Summitt is 26.5″ and weighs 18 lbs. 1 oz. She is now doing the army crawl and getting […]

Sleep…what is that?!

So many of my friends in the blogging community are talking about their baby’s sleep. Maybe it is the time of year? Maybe it is we all have babies around the same age? Or Maybe it is that it is just something we all have to go through and it is miserable! Our family is […]