Catch Up

Where does one even begin when I haven’t posted a blog in a year?!? I guess the basics and the big stuff.

Mason is now 16, Judge is 5 and the twins are 2.

We sold our home and bought a new one.

Judge finished transitional kindergarten.

The “babies” as we still call them are no longer babies AT ALL! They are amazing little humans.

That is the basics. Now for some more in depth of those.

We loved our home that we had. It was the perfect size and lay out for our family. What wasn’t perfect was the location, something you don’t think about when you buy before you have kids. We bought our first home when we had just Mason. As the years progressed and our family grew the street got increasingly busy. It was the main road between our subdivision and the nearby shopping center. Whenever we would load the kids in the car we had to keep an extra close eye on them to make sure they stayed near and didn’t head to the street where cars were not paying any attention for children. So we decided to list the house. What we didn’t realize was the impact that busy street would be on selling a home. It took us many more months than we expected. We listed it September 2016 and didn’t sell until January 2017. In that time frame we had an offer fall through, offers we made on other homes get declined, price decreases and interest rate increases. In the end though we ended up right where we belonged! We are in a home that is at the back of a cul-de-sac with a huge back yard and a pool. The kids can ride their bikes in the street and play basketball and we don’t have to worry about speeding cars. Our neighbors are all wonderful, friendly and amazing. When we moved in people brought us cookies and plants. I asked Corrie “people really still do this?!?” We are only a couple weeks in to warmer weather and we have already hosted several pool parties. I love having people over and this is the perfect house for it. The kids have a play room downstairs and all the bedrooms are upstairs which is also very nice. They can be in the play room but are not far enough away that we can’t hear what is going on. I am certain this will be the home we stay in for a very long time.

Judge was in TK (transitional kindergarten) this year. Since his birthday is November and the guidelines are now that you have to be 5 by the end of August to start kindergarten they have TK for Sept. – Dec. birthday babies. He loved it and had the most amazing teacher. It is crazy to me the things they teach. I remember when kindergarten was snacks and cutting and pasting. Not any more! Since we moved Judge will be switching schools. He will start kindergarten at the school that is about half a mile from our home in August.

The twins, the babies, Jace and Summitt, however we refer to them at any given moment are doing great! They have moved to the 2 year old room at daycare and are just learning and gowing and continuing to amaze us. They each have such unique personalities and I love it. Summitt is true princess. She loves to be taken care of and doesn’t give of her affection freely. She takes a bit to warm up to people and if she hasn’t met you before do not expect even a smile from her. That is just who she is. Jace on the other hand, he is a lovey boy for sure. He gives the best hugs and his smile will light up a room. Watching the two of them together is so exciting to see. They love and take care of each other so much already. They share a room but are in separate cribs. Jace wakes Summitt up most mornings by singing Happy Birthday to her. I could watch this in the monitor all day. It is adorable!

The rest of life is plugging along. Mason finished his sophomore year and will be a junior next year. Corrie is coaching summer basketball. I am just being a mom and a wife. I am glad to be back in this space and already have some posts I am working on in my head so stay tuned.


Our new home



Yep this about sums up every single night at our house


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