The Big 1

My babies are 1! How did that happen?!? But it did and we survived. As Corrie put it, “it has been a beautiful mess”. It has not always been easy and some days were by far worse than others but I would not trade it for anything.



This little lady is so full of personality. If she is familiar with you she will give freely of her hugs and smiles but if she does not know you or has not seen you often be prepared for no love from this girl. She has a look she can give you that makes me already afraid of her when she is a teenager. She is not messing around and does not have time for this…HA! On the flip side though she is such a sweet little girl. She has a deep belly laugh that you can’t help but laugh at yourself. Her eyes light up when one of her moms walk into a room and she loves all of the attention that each of her brothers give her. She is not walking yet. I am sure part of it is because she doesn’t mind a bit that everyone carries her around like the princess that she is. At her well baby check she was 20 lbs. 4 oz. and 28.5″. I am pretty sure part of her weight is due to her cute thighs!


This guy is one of the sweetest most loving littles ever. Jace always has a smile on his face. It doesn’t seem to phase him if he has something and Summitt takes it from him he just moves on. He is always willing to share whatever he has with anyone who is around him. Jace is walking and has been for close to a month now. It is just the most adorable thing to see this little person moving all around. Jace’s hearing is better but he continues to be plagued by ear infections that just will not clear up. He has an appointment with a specialist on Monday and we are hoping to find some relief for the poor guy. At his well baby check he was 20 lbs. 4 oz and 28.7″. It is so amazing to me that Summitt and him are the same. To see them side by side you would never guess they are.


Judge is doing well. He will be doing transitional kindergarten this fall. That is for kids who have birthdays September – December. So since he will be going to school by our house we had to find him a new daycare. That was something we didn’t take lightly. He has been at the same daycare with the same group of ladies since he was just weeks old. We consider these ladies part of our family. At least the two twins will still be there or I might have a slight breakdown not seeing them every morning. Anyways we feel good with the lady we met and she will get him to and from school every day. We plan to start him there a few weeks before school so that he has some time to adjust to it before he has to adjust to school as well. Judge is also playing tee ball. He really seems to enjoy it and it is super cute to see him out there in a uniform running the bases.



Mason is in the last month of his freshman year in high school…CRAZY! He has kept up with the good grades all year. He is on the baseball team and really enjoys that. He also has his first official girlfriend which I am not so sure how I feel about that. I think he is a bit young and would like to set some better guidelines and rules but when he is not with me 100% of the time it makes it a bit more difficult. He is already getting himself set for activities he will be involved in at school next year and that is exciting. I see big things for this kid if he sticks to what he is passionate about.



Corrie is attending a basketball clinic in Las Vegas from Friday – Sunday. I am excited for her in that she will be around some very knowledgeable and legendary coaches. However this also means I will be alone with the 3 youngest for 2 nights and 3 days. YIKES! I promise I will not complain to much. Corrie also did an AMAZING job on the decorations for the birthday party. She is so crafty and has a vision that I most certainly do not have. Everything turned out perfect. I am just sad we didn’t get more pictures. She has also started making things with vinyl such as t-shirts or she is able to put words and designs on acrylic cups. Her attention to detail is what makes her stuff even better. She has just been doing things for family and friends but the requests once someone sees what she has done just pour in.


I am busy just keeping up. I feel like someone always has to be some where and needs a ride. Thankfully Corrie is able to help do that often. I find myself at times having to remind myself to just stop and enjoy what is around me. To not be in a hurry or to not have to do those dishes or fold that laundry and just enjoy the time with my children and wife. However with being as busy as I am I am taking on something new in the coming weeks. I am going to start selling LuLaRoe. If you are not familiar with it you need to be. It is a clothing line for women that is skirts, dresses, tops and the most amazing leggings I have ever owned. Everything they have is amazing and good quality. It is a direct sales company and it is sold through in home pop-ups or online sales. There are many things I like about it but one is that you can go to a pop-up and leave with a new outfit. I am all about the instant gratification. Ordering something and then having to wait 2 weeks after you order I do not do well with.

I think that is all for now. Life is definitely good!


7 thoughts on “The Big 1

  1. I’m the one Summitt would give “no love”. 😜 I don’t see any of you often enough. That makes your writing all the more important. It’s nice to catch up on things. Now that only have 19 more days of work before retirement, I should be available to help get any littles from place to place if you need me. Luv you in my life. Blessings continue to follow you.

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  2. Happy Birthday to those little cuties, and I need to order shirts! Those are so cool!!! Looks liek everything is going pretty well for oyu guys, and that is dope! ALso, i did 4 days with all 4 kids while Callie was away on a business trip about a month and a half ago, and it was WILD, especially wiht Austin nursing around the clock! But you’ll do awesome!!!

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    • Most people we know find something they want and send a picture to Corrie and she makes it or improves on it. She found she was spending way to much on a particular site when she could just make most of it.

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  3. Oh my word, look at them! They are so cuuuute! If I was you, I’d be in so much trouble. I would never say no. It would be a very big problem. Judge is just, yikes. I’d just hand over my wallet to that little face.

    I love the update. So happy everyone is doing well! Looks like you’re getting to the thriving stage, friend, and I hope it’s bringing you a little ease! And baseball, lots and lots of baseball.

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    • Totally off subject but I have thought of you and your Sox lately and their misfortune with Pablo. We SF fans were sad to see him go but glad he is now someone else’s problem…HA!

      As for the thriving stage…close…I at least see a light. They can manage to not be tended to 100% of the time. I mean like they can entertain themselves and each other for at least 2 minutes now..HA


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