9 months…and other things

The babies are 9 months old. We have survived 9 months with having twins. That I think is more of the miracle on some days. We had their well baby check yesterday and they are both doing well.

Summitt is 26.5″ and weighs 18 lbs. 1 oz. She is now doing the army crawl and getting around just fine. She is cutting her two bottom teeth and I think it is harder on her than it was on Jace. Summitt has been babbling for quite some time now and really gives you the what for if she isn’t happy with something. She LOVES her older brothers. She gets so excited when Mason come into the room and can be found laughing at Judge on a regular basis. Judge calls her his girl. It is the sweetest thing. Summitt is very laid back and if you hold her she will sit in your lap happy as can be for long periods of time. She is very much our chill baby. She sleeps fairly well. She wakes up usually only once per night. She would probably even sleep through the night if her noisy little brother didn’t disturb her.


Jace is 27″ and weighs 18 lbs 14 oz. To look at the two side by side you would think Jace is so much bigger than Summitt but that obviously is not the case. He is certainly a sturdy guy that is for sure. He has been crawling for a couple of months now. He pulls himself up on everything and has in the last few weeks started to cruise along the furniture. I am almost certain he will be walking by his first birthday. He has two bottom teeth with two more working their way in. Jace almost always has a smile on his face. He is just a happy guy. He is constantly moving and exploring everything the world has to offer him. However he sleeps terribly. He has taken to sleeping on the living room floor at night. By sleep I mean where he stays for longer than 30 minutes. He usually wakes up at least 2 times per night sometimes more. How long he stays awake varies. This week I have been able to catch some good tennis from the Australian Open since it is on live until 3 am! I would much rather be sleeping!


Judge can be registered for transitional kindergarten this year. This is for kids who have birthdays September-December. He is a November baby so TK it is for him in the 2016-2017 school year. On Monday it is registration at the public school that is in our neighborhood. Corrie will go stand in line to do that. Then we are thinking we are also go to put his name in the lottery at a charter school that is close by. If he doesn’t get into the charter school he will go to the public school. The public school scores high on standardized tests and it is a good school (Mason went there in 4th and 5th grades) so if he doesn’t get picked in the lottery it would be ok. Unfortunatly this means we will have to find Judge a new daycare. He currently goes to one close to my work but because he will need transportation to and from school we will have to find one closer to our house. Corrie has already made a few phone calls and we have some prospects. We absolutely love where him and the babies go now so the thought of moving him makes me sad already. We also just got an email and he will have his first t-ball practice on Friday.


Mason got straight As on his report card and is getting ready to try out for the freshmen baseball team. He is not quite sure what to expect as he isn’t sure how many kids will be out there. We have just told him to give it everything he has and not stop. I just saw what the game schedule looks like and to say we would be busy from Mid-Feb until May would be an understatement.

The moms are hanging in there. Some days the lack of sleep gets to us more than others. I was told once before by TheLadyKing over at Impossibly Royal that at the end of the day if all the kids are still alive than you did your job and man there are days that this could not be more true. Then there are day when everyone gets along, the babies entertain themselves for a bit, the older boys are able to do their own thing and I get a glimps of the future and realize ok I am going to be able to do this. Corrie is getting close to the end of basketball season which means she will not be gone a couple nights a week and I know I am excited about that. While I fully support her coaching and love of basketball I will also be the first to admit that having that extra set of hands at meltdown:30 is wonderful. Now if we could just get the kids to sleep and for them to stay asleep so we can have time to sit and watch TV uninterrupted would be nice.



5 thoughts on “9 months…and other things

  1. Aww Judge and Shawn have Legos in common. Lego’s are my goto!! I’ve accumulated a massive tote full with my goodwilling days. Shawn can sit for hours and build. They are the only toy that makes the cutoff for the end of the year donation bins. Hooray for Mason, straight A’s is something to celebrate 🙂 He seems like a he’s got a good head on his shoulders. I don’t know how you do the few nights alone with the kids. Oh my goodness, evenings are the worse because the kids are just done with the day. I can’t imagine two babies at once!!! Makes me feel spoiled. I must admit everyone’s recent sleep deprived posts are making me anxious for the arrival of baby #3. We really can go any way at this point. Shawn was the hardest infant I’ve ever encountered and Leo is the easiest baby. I’m really stressing out thinking about what she will be like. I’m trying to prepare for the sleep deprivation, but seriously NOTHING can prepare you for it. The twins are only 9 months, you two are super busy right now!!! You ladies have some serious mom skills, anyone that has four kids do. At the end of the day it’s rewarding. They are all beautiful 🙂

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