All I want for Christmas….

Is for all the sickness to leave our house! At least one person in the house has been sick since the middle of November and I am pretty over it. It started with Summitt having a stomach bug. Then Judge got that. Then Jace got pink eye and he passed it on to Summitt. Then Judge got pneumonia. I got a bad cold. Corrie got a double ear infection and sinus infections. Summitt is coughing still and throws up when she eats from gagging. Then last night Mason came home saying he felt all achy. See we need a break! I just keep thinking maybe we are paying our dues for the rest of the winter now. One can hope!


6 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas….

  1. Oh my dear. You topped my little princess fit about Leo being sick. He’s the sickest he’s ever been right now. Sending healthy vibes your way:) when it rains it pours huh?

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