I just realized this morning that I completely and totally forgot to write a post about Judge turning four. His birthday was over two weeks ago on November 8.

This year we opted to go small for his party. In years past we have gone all out with family, friends, food, a bounce house, all the things a kid “needs” at a birthday party. However this year we decided to just let him pick who he wanted to invite to the local indoor trampoline place and then have a few people over for pizza, wings and cake. It was perfect. Sure we missed seeing everyone but keeping it low key felt so much more relaxed and not rushed and stressful.

Judge was actually born on Corrie’s birthday and she gladly steps back each year to let him have the spot light. Her mom did make her favorite dinner and cake though which is always a must.

So what is happening in the life of a new 4-year-old?? This kid is so smart and remembers everything. As a matter of fact today he brought up something that happened when he was 2! Sometimes I can not remember what happened last week how can he remember things from 2 years ago?! He is actually very patient with his baby sister and brother. Even with Jace crawling and getting in to his things he remains calm. He loves music. He even requests songs for in the car when we are driving or you will hear a little voice from the back start singing. To hear a 4 year old sing “uptown funk you up uptown funk you up” is pretty darn cute BUT if you don’t listen carefully you may question what he is saying…HA! We have signed him up to play tee ball. That will start with practice in February. We are also checking into dance for him. The kid has some moves!

This is what 4 looks like!



10 thoughts on “Four…IV…4!

  1. Such a wonderful boy. He makes me smile whether I’m with him watching him be Luke Skywalker, seeing a photo of what Corrie said was him having a tantrum last year (right, I don’t believe it), or just knowing he exists in this world. Bless his little pea pickin’ heart.

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