Help…cold weather friends….

I need some advice from friends who live where the weather is cold.

I think our babies are getting cold at night and waking up from it. It is starting to get cold here, let me clarify what COLD is to me…anything below 60 deg F, and since they do not recommend blankets in a crib with babies I want to know what I can do. We put them to sleep in fleece sleeper jammies but when they wake up at night and I change their diapers their little bodies are rather cold. What do people do where it snows? Where is freezes on a regular basis? Now granted these are my third and fourth children but I feel like a beginner for some reason. Do any of you have helpful tips or tricks? This mom would really appreciate it. maybe then they will sleep longer than 3 hours at a time.


18 thoughts on “Help…cold weather friends….

  1. I chose to use blankets because we have crocheted ones that have lots of holes so I don’t worry about breathing and I think the kids like the weight of them. Some people layer a onesie under fleece jammies. I used sleepsacks with Carter and he loved it but Dylan won’t put up with them. We also seal off the windows in the winter because while the room temp is okay I think there is a bit of a draft.

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  2. Oh, has anyone mentioned sleep sacks?


    We use them when they move to cribs and can’t swaddle anymore. We used fleece ones in MA with socks but the regular cotton ones here where our temps mirror yours. If they are still in footie pajamas, you could put socks over the footies. We’ve done that, too.

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    • Yeah the swaddles went away because they were busting out of them. They are in a room together in cribs right now. I have no idea why but that room feels 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the house.


      • We had a room like that in the apartment and the kids had big comforters. Our pediatrician was comfortable with us covering them with their “blankies” because they were 100% cotton and apparently fully breathable so they have the two piece pajamas, sleep sack, then cover with their blankies.


  3. We use a space heater and humidifier every night now that it’s “cold” out. Bumby HATES sleeping with socks on, so we put him in cotton jammies and no socks, but keep the space heater at 75. A bonus is that when I go in to nurse him at night, I don’t freeze!

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  4. We use fleece footie pj’s and then a fleece sleep sack. We’ve surrendered to the fact that their little hands will always be cold, so there isn’t much we can do about that. We also put hats on them, like the hats that newborns wear. Body temperature is controlled by your head and feet. Keeping their heads and their feet warm will significantly help keeping their body temperature warm. We also use blankets if it’s too cold. Those nights last year when the boys were 3 months old and it was -10 degrees outside, we didn’t care about the recommendations, becuase htey are just that! Recommendations. We covered them with a blanket because even with the heat on, it was still about 50 in our bedroom. And they were peeing through and not waking up, which made their little bodies even colder!

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