6 Month Update


These two were six months old on the 23rd. Half of a year has passed…how can that be?!? I actually went back and read a couple of my blog posts from when they were born and it feels like that was years ago but at the same time I see them and think the time has flown by. Such a strange concept.

They went for their well baby checks yesterday and they are doing so good. Summitt is 25″ and 16 lbs. 2 oz. Jace is 25.2″ and 16 lbs. 7 oz. To look at them you would not think they were so close in size. However my arms can certainly tell how much bigger they are getting. Everyday I arrive at daycare and carry in two infant carries all while keeping a watchful eye on Judge that he follows along and doesn’t get distracted in the parking lot. This task is getting harder by the day and I am soon going to have to find a new way to get them in and out of the center. I actually have callouses on my hands from those darn carries!

Both babies are now rolling over in all directions. Jace is wanting to move more and more. He wants to be right in the middle of whatever action is going on. He loves to watch his brothers and I just know he can hardly wait to play with them. Summitt rolls over and then proudly smiles like, “hey did you see what I just did? You need to praise me.”

We have started feeding the babies food. So far they have had rice cereal, avocados and sweet potatoes. They both do well. Last night Jace was on a roll and ate 3/4 of the sweet potatoes. Good thing Summitt wasn’t in the mood to eat and he could have her share. We had grand plans to make all of their food but I am just not sure that is going to happen. I think we will see how it goes. I am leaning more towards the making what we are eating work for them idea. However we have to start out slow until they get the hang of it.



Before the babies were born it was not uncommon for me to stop at the store after work with Judge. Run in and grab that one thing I forgot. Now that I have 3 kids I pick up from daycare those days are gone. I had not taken all 4 kids to any stores by myself. First I wasn’t sure how that would logistically work out and me not lose one. Then I was also afraid of melt downs or being THAT mom in the store that people think can not control her children. Well last week I needed to stop at Target to get something from the pharmacy so I decided it was now or never. I was eventually going to have to do this. So with Mason as my helper we each put a baby in a shopping cart and Judge hanging on to the side and went for it. Well that was basically a disaster! Everything I was afraid of happened. Mason was upset they didn’t have the Halloween item he wanted, Judge was upset he couldn’t get what he wanted, that he had to walk AND he needed to be taken to the bathroom, both Jace and Summitt started crying and one of them (I currently can’t remember which because I blocked this trip out best I could) had a dirty diaper I am sure you could smell from 3 aisles away. I could not get out of the store fast enough!

Well yesterday after the babies appointment I needed to stop at the same store again and get some Motrin for just in case. This time I went prepared. I made sure the babies were fed, I put Judge in a cart and bought him popcorn as soon as we walked in and bought Mason some bread sticks because he was a starving 14 year old boy. What a difference! This time I was actually able to even stroll through the aisles instead of sprinting in a hurry to get out. I suppose the lesson learned here is to be prepared and that just because it was a terrible experience once doesn’t mean it will be every time.


11 thoughts on “6 Month Update

  1. Way to live and learn. That’s what each day is all about. You two are doing a great job. I’m amazed. I could never had handled twins. 3 in 6 years was enough for me.

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  2. Wow…time does fly! They are getting so big & cuter every day 😊. I have more sympathy than ever for moms in stores. I can’t imagine how you manage the chaos….kudos to you & Corrie!!!!

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