This video is making its way around social media. I do not watch most videos that people share but this one jumped out at me. I watched it in the parking lot of Safeway before going in to buy cupcakes for the daycare carnival. I sat there with tears streaming down my face. I had to compose myself and make sure I wasn’t teary eyed and read faced walking in. I try really hard not to judge other people. I do not know what their life is like and what struggles they are facing or have faced. This is not to say the occasional judgment has not crept in. However like I mentioned in my last blog post this blogging community is one that I feel free of judgment and feel as if others are not judging me. Maybe because I feel like we all share our stories and our lives on these pages. The words of encouragement are just enough to hopefully keep us going until things can turn around. So to all of you…You are a good mom. When times are tough I know you are doing the best that you know how to. To those of you who are not moms by choice or just not yet…you too are amazing people and help to make the world what it is today.



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