So according to Word Press I have been blogging for a full year. At first I was just going to let this pass but then decided I wanted to send out a thank you to my blogging community. A year ago when I decided to start this blog is was mostly to keep family and friends updated on Corrie’s pregnancy and the birth of the babies. Now I often get friends thanking me for writing and ask me to keep it up. They love the tiny glance they get into our daily lives.

What I didn’t expect was the connection I feel with some of my fellow bloggers. I look forward to seeing what is going on with you all. I celebrate and worry with you. Many I follow on Instagram and Facebook (if we are not friends on those…why not?!?) so there is even more of an interest and connection. I love how so many of us have different parenting styles but we continue to support and encourage one another. There is no mommy shaming. I hope to someday meet some of your wonderful ladies. Thank you for being a part of my life and letting me in to a part of yours!

Keep blogging!


10 thoughts on “Blogaversery

    • We actually have a friend who has recently moved to NY and Corrie really wants to go to the US Open in the next couple of years and stay with our friend. I am not sure how close to you that is but I am sure it is certainly closed than CA!


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