The F word…..FOOD

Nearly every time I go to the grocery store I think how my weekly bill is only going to increase as our kids get older. Not to mention we have 3 boys and nearly everyone tells me how much boys can eat. Then if they all bring friends over….YIKES!! I actually just told Corrie last week that we may have to get an extra refrigerator just for all of the milk we will go through.

Mason is 14 and very active in sports so with that comes a big appetite. When he gets home from cross-country practice at around 4:30 I always tell him to have a snack. A snack used to consist of a string cheese and fruit snacks. It now is basically another meal. A grilled cheese, corn dogs, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets. Then he eats dinner about 2 hours later. Now mind you I encourage his appetite, except when I go to make something for dinner or use something I expect to have in a meal and find out it is gone. Consumed by a growing boy. I will ask, already knowing the answer, who ate or used something and he will say oh yeah I did. As if drinking the last of the milk so that there is none in the morning for breakfast really is no big deal. I always repeat the same thing, if you use the last of something just let me know so I can get more.

Then there is Judge. Our child who at 3 if he never ate again would be fine with that but would be one very very hangry little boy. We basically have to bribe him to eat EVERY SINGLE MEAL. In the mornings it is a granola bar and cup of milk in the car on the way to daycare. I have to remind him about every five minutes to “take another bite”. If I am lucky he has finished the whole thing by the time we  arrive 30 minutes later. At dinner time it is the same thing. We basically have to put the food on the fork and hand it to him to ensure he is eating. I know at daycare he eats on his own so WHY oh WHY can he not do that for us?!

The babies of course are not on any sort of food yet. However I see it in Jace’s future to be a big eater. When he is near and we are eating he stares like excuse me are you not going to share? I look forward to introducing them to things and hope that they will be the ones who are not picky and will eat everything that is put in front of them on their own in one sitting. A mom can only hope!


3 thoughts on “The F word…..FOOD

  1. Your plite sounds so familiar. I have 14 students this year. You have described half of them on a daily basis. We serve breakfast and lunch everyday, so I see this almost a couple dozen times a day. A young girl wants to eat nothing, a young man asks the others over and over if they’re going to finish what’s on their plate. A teacher can only hope.

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  2. It’s funny you mention that! As foster parents they give you more money for boys ages 10+ because they eat more! So i’m worried that when i have 3 teenagers (well, 4 really) at the same time, my monthly food bill will be well over $600 a month! Mary eats SOOOOOO much, but her therapist says that it’s anxiety related, and that we should limit her, which of course is torture for us because on top of everything else she is dealing with, food issues is not something I want to add to the list…but as another mother of almost 4 kids, i feel your pain on this!

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