4 months as a family of 6

The babies were 4 months old on the 23rd of August. With 4 months comes a well baby check and some immunizations. We were most looking forward to their height and weight information. These babies are not messing around! Summitt is 13 lbs. 9 oz. and 23.5″ and Jace is 13 lbs. 14 oz. and 23.2″. They are still on the low-end of the height and weight curve but the fact they are even on the curve is huge for us. Judge never made it on the curve and it caused the doctors a lot concern. They are both doing really well in all other things. They are starting to sit in their Bumbos for longer periods of time which is fun to see them sitting like big kids. Their sleep pattern I wish could hurry along but I know babies have their own time schedule. Summitt tends to have a very mellow temperament. She loves to be held and when she is tired wants to be held tight and rocked. Jace is one happy guy but when he is hungry you better be ready to feed him in .2 seconds or else he will let you know about it. Both of them are very observant and watch every move their older brothers make.


Did you say shots?!?

Us moms are adjusting to life with four kids. Getting out of the house in a timely manner is still a learning process. We are trying to be better with time management and realize that it takes us longer than we expected to leave. It never fails that just when you think you are ready someone needs a diaper change, another one spits up, Judge needs a cup of milk to go or the 1,024 other things that pop up. Being out in public and the attention that comes with a large family is something I am still not quite used to. People feel like it is their right to give you thoughts and opinions. As much as I try to not take it personal sometimes it gets to me. Last night was a perfect example. I had the three youngest all in a stroller walking in to Mason’s baseball game. The lady at the entry gate was complaining to the woman taking the money about her toddler. She then turned around spotted me and turned back to the other woman and said, “I guess I shouldn’t complain, it could be worse.” I literally wanted to take my stroller and run over her heels. My family is not “worse”, there is just more of us. Which to me means more LOVE.


11 thoughts on “4 months as a family of 6

  1. I’ve heard that having twins means people thinking they have open license to say whatever the $#!* they want to you. Rude!

    It sounds like the babies are perfect! I wish I could snuggle them, they look so delicious and sweet! (I sound hungry, but let me assure you, I wouldn’t eat them!).

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  2. Hey it’s Cassy from lifeasagaymom. I removed my public blog and made a private one. Send me your username or email so I can add you to my reading list. I tried the othermomof4 and no luck.

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