July recap….

I have about 4 entries sitting in draft mode. For some reason I just can not finish them. So instead I have just decided to do a month long recap. That seems reasonable right?!


We took our first family vacation mid July. It was fun but it was also a lot of work. We went to visit Corrie’s aunt who live in Lake Tahoe. It is really nice to have a place to stay in such a beautiful location. The drive there and home however were rough to put it mildly. Jace hates his car seat and Summitt has a severe dislike for hers. We left at 6 PM thinking that was perfect and they would sleep most of the way….WRONG! Instead they chose to cry…THE…WHOLE…3.5 HOUR….DRIVE! Summitt would drift in and out of sleep and her cry is not nearly as loud as Jace’s so it is tolerable. His however is piercing. Nothing that we did would console him. We had to just make it there. When we finally arrived around 10 PM he was exhausted from crying. The rest of the stay was nice. We went to the beach a couple of times, had good food, went to a nice restaurant and did a tiny bit of shopping. We did not visit any casinos. This was a first for Corrie and I. Neither of us are big gamblers but previously when we would go up to Tahoe we would always go in to the casinos and play a little bit. Just another life adjustment with 4 kids. Our drive home started out rough with Jace crying again but he did stop after about 1.5 hours in and fell asleep for about an hour which was nice and quite. Even though we were at her Aunts house it isn’t your own home. You can’t just leave stuff, such as dishes, until later when the babies are not needing something. I always felt like I had to be sure that the kids were not making to much of a disturbance. I know though that future visits will go much more smoothly. Her back yard is amazing and Judge and Mason went pine cone hunting. I can hardly wait to see all 4 of them trooping around the yard.


How the babies spent their time at the beach

Car Seats

Jace and his car seat has been an adventure on its own. Being that I drive them to daycare 5 days a week and it is about 35 minutes each way he needed to pull it together. We really needed to figure out a way to make him a happy passenger. I  generally am good with them being fussy. It doesn’t get to me and I can continue on with my business as long as I know they are not in need of something. But one day I had just had it. He again cried all the way to daycare and all the way home, throw in Summitt crying and Judge being a typical 3-year-old who is full of life. When I arrived home I lost it. I just sobbed and told Corrie we HAVE to figure this out. We had already consulted Mr Google and tried a few things they suggested but none of them worked. We went to Babies R Us that night and purchased a convertible car seat. Thinking maybe he just didn’t like the angle of his car seat. The next morning excited that maybe we found a solution I headed out the door……NO LUCK! Again he cried. Not to mention it was impossible to transport the kids into daycare. I was still having to keep the infant car seats in my car, take the babies out of the convertible seats, put them in the carriers, go in to daycare, unload them out of carrier then put the carrier back in the car. It was just adding to my being upset with frazzled nerves. One of the daycare workers upon hearing the kids come in crying each morning suggested I swaddle him in his car seat. Why not give it a try?! Corrie found a YouTube video on how to do this safely and we swaddled the next day. Guess what…..IT WORKED! He fell right to sleep and stayed that way the whole time. He still cries off and on even when in the swaddle but I can take 1-2 times per week rather than every time in the car.


This makes him happy which makes me happy

August is shaping up to be a busy one already. School starts on the 10th. Mason is planning to run cross-country and is still in the middle of baseball so he is going to keep the mom taxi busy. The babies have their 4 month check up at the end of the month and I can’t wait to see how much they have grown. It looks like a ton to me but we will see.


3 thoughts on “July recap….

  1. Evelyn hated the car from day 1. She still doesn’t like long trips, but she’s better on shorter ones (1-2 hours) now. I KNOW how hard it is to listen to a baby wail and scream in the backseat and feel like you want to scream with them and/or pull your hairs out one by one! I’m so glad the swaddling worked!

    Trips with kids are always sooooo much work! Worth it, for sure. But lots of work!

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  2. I’m so glad you found a car seat trick that works! There’s a huge chunk of your sanity back. 🙂 I’ll have to remember that if Charlotte develops a car seat aversion. So far we’re in the clear, but who knows with these little ones!

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  3. Noah is the worst in his car seat! I find myself turning the music up really loud to drown him out. 2 weeks ago we went to this lake that my family grew up going to, and he cried the whole 1.5 hours there…it was torture, but there was nothing we can do, and he was changed, fed, and had toys and a binky, so I don’t know what was going on! So glad you found something that works! I know the relief you must be feeling… and they are so darn cute! That’s quite a good looking family you got there!

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