And so it begins

The babies started daycare today. Corrie heads back to work on the 22nd so we thought it might be a good idea to transition Jace and Summitt in slowly. For two weeks they will only go two days a week. Then they will be in full-time after that. They will be going to the daycare that is a couple of doors down from my office. Mason went there from the time he was 6 months until 3rd grade, Judge has went there since he was 2 months old and now the babies. I fully 100% trust this wonderful group of ladies with my children. They have become like family to us in helping to raise our kids. I have never once questioned if they have my precious littles in their best interest. Being that the daycare is so close to my work it is nice to be able to pop in whenever I feel like it just to see them and watch what they are doing.

Our drive is about 30 minutes from home and this is what the two looked like when we arrived. I am hoping that Jace follows in his sisters foot steps and relaxes the more we make the drive.

image image


16 thoughts on “And so it begins

  1. Oh no! Poor Jace!!! BUt their outfits are adorable, so that counts for something! I’m glad that you found a center that you can trust. Daycare centers get such a bad name, but having been a daycare teacher for over 10 years, I promise you (and other parents) we love those kids! Truly and deeply love them…so yay for daycare and yay for extensions to your family. Hope the transition goes smoothly…

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  2. Awwwww those are some freakin’ ADORABLE babies! I hope the daycare transition goes well for all of you! It sounds like your daycare centre is just a part of your family at this point. So wonderful!

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  3. I’m willing to bet Corrie was more upset than Jace. Where’s her picture? lol. This family is blessed and widely loved, so no worries.

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    • Daycare is great. The car ride not so much. Jace hates his car seat and cries the whole way there. As a matter of fact we went to Tahoe for a mini vacation and he cried for 3 hours when driving there and 2 hours on the way home. We have even been googling how to make it better.


      • Okay, shawn was the same exact way. When Leo was born, we started seeing it in him as well. Our resolution was to put two rcv DVD players in the back seats. I swear they both don’t make a peep now. We have frozen and rio that we alternate, both of which are very stimulating. They could just feel alone In the back seat. I think we found them for like $100.00 at Walmart, this was for both of them. If you don’t have movie players I would highly recommend it and see if it works. It could keep them stimulated, create some lights/’music kind of effect continuously.


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