You have a Beautiful Family

The past couple of weeks have been filled with celebrations. Mason graduated from 8th grade and we had a family party for him. Plus we had several friends graduate from middle school and high school and we attended their parties as well. I just love the excitement all of these kids have for what the future holds for them, rather it be high school or college. I want to say how extremely proud of Mason I am. He will be starting high school in August and I can not wait for all the adventures that come with that. I know he will be successful and make great memories.

On a different note, with babies comes attention, people oohing and awing. With two babies comes DOUBLE that. Corrie and I were talking about how that is one thing we were not prepared for, all the attention that twins brings. Most people mean well and are happy and excited for us but you always have the few that ask to many personal questions or offer way more advice than you need. Not to mention we have two other kids who also still like attention. At one party we attended though a woman we did not know who had been admiring the babies turned to Corrie and I and said, “You have a beautiful family” That right there is probably one of the kindest things someone has said to us. Thank you kind stranger.


Not sure how “beautiful” this family in this picture is but this is us in all of our realness and full of love


7 thoughts on “You have a Beautiful Family

  1. You do have a beautiful family! I am also sometimes a little uncomfortable with the attention that having a baby brings — especially when the other kids are around! I worry that they feel embarrassed or invisible. Honestly, sometimes I am a little embarrassed by all the attention myself!

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  2. Look at all those cuties in that picture…i Just love your family! And yeah, the attention that twins get especially, is crazy! We did not anticipate that. But I will say that people have been really good about including Mary. It’s usually ,”I bet you’re a great big sister right?!” But she still feels super special…and i never realized how many twins there are out there! Someone is always saying, “YOu know, i’m a twin!” And i never noticed so many twins in my life! It’s wild!

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