Finally an update


I can not believe it has been 4 weeks since our two littlest family members were born. It has been wonderful and hectic all at the same time. Time has a way of just melting away and I have no clue where it goes. There were many days in the recent past that 10 PM would roll around and Corrie and I would look at each other and say maybe we should eat some dinner. I was fortunate enough to get to stay home for just over 3 weeks and it was great. I wished it could have been longer but to work is to get paid. I am writing this post a bit differently and breaking it up in to sections because I have so much to say.

Delivery and Corrie


The days leading up to the birth of the babies were a little rough on Corrie. I think probably more so then she let on. Her back was giving her a lot of problem and her sleep was terrible. However she made it to 38 weeks and 3 days carrying them. That is rock star status if you ask me! The night before we decided to go out to our favorite Mexican restaurant to commemorate our last night with only 2 children. On the way there one of our friends called and asked if she could take us to dinner. Instead we told her to meet us where we were already going. About five minutes later another friend called and asked if she could deliver us dinner. We told her to meet us at the restaurant also. So 20 minutes, 4 adults and 4 kids later we had made our own impromptu pre-birth celebration dinner! After dinner we took Judge to stay the night with my parents since we had to be at the hospital at 5:30 AM the next day. Ok now I am not the one who had the C-section but from a support persons perspective let me just say the planned surgery is the way to go! With Judge, Corrie was in labor for 43 hours and then ended up with a C-section, we were all tired, hungry and ready for it to be over. This time what a difference! We arrived rested, showered and myself with a fresh cup of coffee in hand (Corrie obviously couldn’t have anything due to the no eating after midnight rule). Corrie signed in and we were taken to a room where she changed and prepped for her C-section. At 7:15 AM they came and got her to walk across the hall to the operating room. They came and got me after about 30 minutes later. Man was that OR the place to be! There was a team for each baby and one for Corrie. Everyone was beyond nice and it felt like they were as excited as we were to meet our two new angels. Summitt Rory was born at 7:50 AM weighing 6 lbs. 3 oz. and 18″ long. Jace Cory was born at 7:51 AM weighing 6 lbs. 2 oz. and also 18″. Everything went so smooth! The anesthesiologist  even took our camera and took a bunch of pictures for us. What a difference from when Judge was born and he was whisked away to the NICU right after birth. The hospital stay was typical, full of visitors and late night interruptions from nurses and beeping monitors. When given the choice Corrie opted to go home on Saturday. She had been away from Judge since Wednesday night and also thought she would be more comfortable in her own bed. Her recovery is going well. She had minimal pain and was up and around in no time. She did however learn that she has a fractured rib. The doctor assumes it was due to her growing uterus putting pressure on her rib. It is probably what was causing her back pain at the end of the pregnancy and she just didn’t know it at the time. Being that it is the end of the school year she will now be off until mid to late July. I know she is looking forward to getting back out of the tennis courts and into the gym once cleared by her doctor.

The Babies


Summitt (L) and Jace (R)

What can I say these two littles are amazing. It still shocks me that we have TWO babies! The are doing so well.  At least one of them if not both wake up every 3-hours to eat. If they both do not wake up then we wake up the one who is still sleeping and make sure they get feed too. It usually takes us 45 minutes to an hour to feed, change and sooth both babies back to sleep in the middle of the night. I am very anxious to learn their personalities. The both seem very mellow so far. I laugh though because when I talk to Jace he looks at me so lovingly and like he is taking in every single word I am saying. When I talk Summitt though she gives me a look like, “Mom really please”.



Judge with Jace

Judge LOVES his brother and sister. He kisses them often and oddly wants to smell them all the time. We find it funny but he has started calling Summitt his girl or his princess. Corrie nor I refer to her as either so he has made those terms of endearment up all on his own. As well as Judge has accepted the babies he did not do as well towards Corrie and I in the first few weeks. Granted he is three so some of his attitude could be attributed to that but some of it was also due to the fact that there were two new people taking up mommies’ time.  We really worked hard to include him and give him “jobs” to help in the caring for the babies. Both Corrie and I also took him places and spent time alone with him. His attitude and mood has gotten a lot better this past week. He went back to daycare after time off with us and I think being in a routine has been good for him. I know that he is going to be a great big brother.



Mason and Jace

I had no doubt Mason would be the best big brother. I see the way he is with Judge and knew the babies would fit right in. He is old enough that we can have him feed them or hold them when an extra set of hands is needed. It is also a help to have Mason entertain Judge if we are busy with the babies and then Judge doesn’t feel neglected.


Corrie is really good at sending me pictures throughout the day when I am not home. It helps me to still feel connected. We have found that laughter is such an important part of child raising. Sometimes it feels like nothing can go right and everyone wants something from you RIGHT NOW. Those are the times we just look at each other and laugh. As long as no one is in danger their needs will get meet in an orderly fashion. I personally never saw myself with three kids, let alone four but I would not trade this in for anything. Many times in the past few weeks I have found myself just taking it all in with amazement and tears in my eyes that this is my life, these are my kids, this is my family. I feel so blessed!


7 thoughts on “Finally an update

  1. I think it is so adorable that he calls her princess…UH, melt my heart! Your family is so beautiful! And everyone looks so happy, except for that first picture. Jace is giving you a strict talking to! Lol!

    I thought it was wild in the OR that there was a whole team of people in there! I think I was just expecting the doctor and like a nurse or two…not like 10 people! Glad everyone is doing well and that you all are holding up! Kisses to everyone!

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  2. Corrie is Spanish and white and the donor is African American, native American and white. There are more like tough hours rather than full days. Although I find I have lost all track of time so maybe it is full days and I just don’t know! HA

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