Moving right along…


Corrie went to the doctor on Friday which would have been 34 weeks and 3 days. Above are the measurements that Dr. A got from the ultra sound. Baby A is Summitt and baby B is Jace. As you can see our daughter looks to be bigger. We got a good laugh out of this. I think Corrie’s words were I will get a post player yet (that is basketball speak for a taller player that even I didn’t quite get until recently). I am not sure how accurate these measurements are and we are eager to find out in a few weeks.

Everything else is going smooth. We have two car seats, two cribs, a ton of diapers and clothes ready and waiting. I was starting to stress not having things in order but I feel that we have gotten a good handle on it. Maybe I should clarify and say Corrie has gotten a handle on it. She has spent time assembling, washing and organizing. I am starting to feel pretty inadequate on this front. Not only is she busy cooking these babes she is also doing the prep work for their arrival. I plan to take three weeks off when they are born so I will then do more than my fair share while she heals and adjusts.


One of the cribs with the quilt a family friend made. We have an identical picture on the other side of the room.

Doctor’s appointments are two times per week with the OB for non-stress tests and once a week with the endocrinologist to discuss her diabetes and insulin. Other than that we are just waiting for these little darlings to grow as much as they can before they come out to meet us. To say I am getting anxious is a huge understatement.


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