32 weeks 3 days

Corrie had an OB appointment this AM and the babies are doing great. She had her first non-stress test and an ultra-sound. The non-stress test didn’t take very long since she has two very active babies in there. If there was any question as to how active the doctor used the words, “it’s like a cage fight in there”. Summitt was sitting on Jace’s head as he proceeded to kick and punch her while only being separated by what compares to a piece of saran wrap. Summitt is currently estimated to weigh 4lbs. 6 oz. and Jace is 4lbs. 4 oz. I am anxious to see how close the doctor is when they are born. Other women we know who have had him as their doctor during their twin pregnancy said he is pretty accurate.


As I may have mentioned before Corrie did not pass her gestational diabetes test. She saw the nutritionist and was given a blood sugar monitor and reminded of the eating guidelines. It was review since she had this with Judge also. After one week of monitoring though her levels were still not within a normal range. The nutritionist contacted Corrie’s endocrinologist and an appointment was set up. The endocrinologist whom Corrie really feels comfortable with answered all of her questions and has her doing insulin injections two times per day. Today the OB reiterated that this is not Corrie’s fault, she is not doing anything wrong and that it is just something that comes with pregnancy for some women. Carrying twins and having two placentas increases the chances for needing insulin. So until these babies are born she will continue to give herself “pokies” as Judge refers to it.

Other than that things are moving right along in our house. The weather has taken a turn for the better. It is supposed to be close to 80 degrees this weekend (sorry East Coast friends). Mason has started baseball and it works great where his practices are held because Judge is able to play at the park for a bit before it gets dark.


Corrie has completed several projects on the babies’ room now that she is home on maternity leave. She built a closet organizing system and assembled cribs. The room we are using as the nursery is the smallest in the house but right next to our bedroom so it made the most sense to keep them close. No one wants any extra steps at 2 AM.



We still have a few things to buy and do before these babies arrive. We keep putting them off thinking we have time but time is going fast! This weekend we will work to get the to do list a little shorter. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “32 weeks 3 days

  1. I so enjoy the updates and a quick peek into your experiences with these two new precious ones. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Peace and blessings to you all.

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