Maternity Leave and Celebrating Babies

Corrie’s last day of work was last Friday. She has officially started her maternity leave. At one of her last OB appointments he suggested that she may want to consider starting her leave between 28-30 weeks. As of today she is 31 weeks so she did well. She is not on her feet all day at her job but it was still not easy for her on a daily basis. She would come with a very aching back and be completely exhausted. I am glad she is now home as she has a lot of projects to do like finishing up the nursery..ha KIDDING HONEY 😉

This last weekend was filled with parties. On Saturday we had another friends baby shower in the morning and then a Frozen themed 5-year-old birthday party. Anna and Elsa even made a guest appearance. Then on Sunday was a baby shower for Corrie. It was given by Corrie’s good friend and co-worker Amanda and my sister Katie. My Aunt Sandy was gracious enough to let us invade her house all day. There were about 40 family members and close friends. Amanda is beyond creative and made some of the most adorable center pieces and other decorations. The smiles and good conversations were abundant, as was the food. The twins are already so loved and these mommas appreciate it so much. It was a good thing that maternity leave started so that Corrie could rest on Monday after such a busy weekend.




Yep there was a hot chocolate bar…..


With all the toppings you could want…


Amanda and Corrie


My sister Katie and I


Aunt Sandy and Corrie


Corrie, her mom and Judge with his new bubble gun that a friend brought him. She didn’t want him to not get any gifts. Very thoughtful!


My mom, Katie, Corrie and I


Five of the ladies in this group have been friends since middle school. The other three of us were fortunate enough to marry into the group


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