The picture that started it all

Corrie posted the picture below on her Facebook with the comment, Never Never Never.


What followed was an all out firestorm. The picture was taken at Costco yesterday. It is a rack of what are probably supposed to be little girl Easter dresses. They are simply not the style we will be choosing to put our daughter in. She was  not saying Summitt will not wear dresses. She was not saying we do not like “girly” things. She was not saying being feminine is negative. She was simply saying never to this style of dress for OUR daughter.

In a matter of minutes people were commenting things like, never say never, oh you just wait, you have to let her wear those, she will wear them if she wants and other similar statements. Both Corrie and I were shocked that people felt entitled to tell her how wrong she was. It was like they somehow felt we would be cheating our daughter out of something if she is not put in these ruffled dresses.

We will raise our daughter to be strong, independent and a leader. If people feel that these are masculine qualities then maybe they should check their own definition of what it means to be a woman. There may come a time when our daughter is old enough to voice her opinion and ask for one of these dresses because she likes them. If that does happen and the choice is one that she made then we will most likely buy it for her. However until that day moms are in charge and that means NO on these dresses.



13 thoughts on “The picture that started it all

  1. Yeah I wrote something about not dressing our kid strictly in pink or blue and got lots of ‘oh that’s what they will choose’, I’m okay if they choose those colours once they get old enough to voice their opinion, but they’ll still have an edited wardrobe which may (if we have a girl eventually) have pink but it won’t have glitter, Disney characters (apart from old skool Mickey Mouse lol), and hoochie styled numbers. And for our boy it will have lots of brightly coloured clothes without trucks or cars on every single one. I hope that by the time they can choose they will be open minded enough to know that they can pick from a wide range of options – not just pink or blue!

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  2. We shop both sides of the aisle for Punky. Boy and Girl and she picks what she wants. Before she was big enough to give her opinion, I picked both kinds of stuff. Now she likes Pink and Batman. I think it’s awesome. I do completely agree with picking what you want for your kid til they can make that decision. Punky is three now and it’s been so fun watching her pick her own style and her own stuff.

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