Showered with LOVE

About six weeks ago I received a facebook message from a friend and former co-worker of Corrie’s asking if her and another friend could give Corrie and I a shower. We were both incredibly grateful and overwhelmed with the offer. These are a group of ladies who Corrie worked with at another school site who still get together on occasion for dinner, drinks and catching up. We happily accepted the offer and set the date for the afternoon of February 22. Neither of us saw an invitation or knew the theme. When we arrived we could already tell this was going to be something special, the walkway leading up to the house was even decorated. The theme turned out to be Dr. Suess’ Thing 1 and Thing 2. I can not even begin to describe the love and joy that Corrie and I both felt with all of these women yesterday. The decorations were perfect, the food delicious and the laughter aplenty. Just thinking about how everyone took time out of their Sunday to shower us and our babies with love fills my heart. I can not thank every one of them enough.






Headed home with hearts full of love and a van full of balloons


This is what happens when a 3-year old gets ahold of your diaper cake and redecorates it


Thank you so much to these two wonderful women who were such great hostesses




6 thoughts on “Showered with LOVE

  1. I am so pleased you both enjoyed the afternoon. That is exactly what Anna and I invisioned. It looks like Judge liked it also. Now that I’ve seen the diaper cake, I can only imagine how the balloons are doing. God’s blessings to you all.

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