Time to brag

Not really much to report on the pregnancy front. Corrie does have a doctor’s appointment Friday and I will update after that. I think her OB indicated there would be an ultra-sound at this visit so I am looking forward to that.

However I do want to have a moment to brag and share some pictures. If you are my friend on Facebook you have probably seen these. If you are not my friend on Facebook you probably should be so please look me up or tell me how to find you šŸ˜‰

Valentine’s Day in our house was super low-key due to the fact that all of us were sick! The flu hit our house and made sure that everyone got a share. Luckily it was also a 3-day weekend for all of us so we were able to have some down time and recover before heading back to work and school on Tuesday. None of us are back to 100% but hoping that we will be soon. We are to busy for all of this illness.


My three Valentines

As I have mentioned before Corrie coached high school freshmen girls basketball this season. Well last night was their last game and they went undefeated in league. I am so proud of her and her team. You can really tell the respect and appreciation that all the girls have for her. They were excited to be at the games and always showed up to practices, even during Christmas break. Congratulations Lady Jags!




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