Bump ahead

For the past few weeks I have been asking to take a baby bump picture of Corrie. She was having none of it! Instead she opted to send me a drawing of what she felt she looked like. Ummm close but not quite the same.


Finally last night she agreed. YAY! Of course this would be on her terms and she would have to approve the picture before it was shown to anyone. There would be no bare belly shown, only her finest sweats and new favorite shirt, one from our friends distillery, Do Good Distillery. So here it is…..28 weeks pregnant. I personally think she looks great and is rocking that twin belly.


Lately however this is more the position I find her in. She has started having some back pain and is having a hard time getting comfortable by the end of the night. Sleeping through the night has become next to impossible for her, between having to get up and use the bathroom, readjusting her 500 pillows and having pets that constantly feel the need to remind you they are there.


We have finally made some headway in getting the nursery ready. We borrowed three friends muscles and they moved our treadmill and a dresser out of the room and downstairs. It sure helps to have some beefy men around 😉 It took them all of about 10 minutes and as a bonus left no holes in the walls. Carpet has been ordered as of last night and will hopefully be installed by the end of the month. The cribs are both here just waiting to be assembled.

This morning as I was getting Judge ready for daycare and we were talking about Jace and Summitt in Mommy’s belly he said, “it’s amazing”. You are so right little man and when I get caught up in the never-ending list of things to do and buy before they arrive I need to stop and remind that it truly is AMAZING.


9 thoughts on “Bump ahead

  1. That is one hot stick figure.

    Look at that belly! How fun! I’m already having second-hand sympathies for you both with the sleeping and the peeing and the general difficulties of being pregnant/caring for pregnant wives while having other children at home. It is not easy. You guys are doing great!


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