So this is the scene I came home to yesterday….


My wife who is 25 weeks pregnant decided to do some ummmm….remodeling. The room that we will be using for the twins nursery has been the work out room since we bought the house 4.5 years ago. When we moved in it took 3 people to get this treadmill upstairs. One friend even commented how if we ever decided to sell the house the treadmill needs to be sold with it since it is such a pain to move. Now however the workout room is going, babies are coming and we need to get prepared. Corrie decided yesterday that she, with the help of YouTube, was going to attempt to disassemble the treadmill so it could be moved downstairs. As you can see in the picture above it wasn’t that easy. She did a pretty good job but is stuck at some electrical cord. A friend is supposed to come over possibly this weekend and help her finish it up.

We are also going to put new carpet in that room so she decided to rip a section out. She only removed a section that was stained from the previous owners. We will let the carpet installers finish the rest. Ripping carpet out while pregnant is not new to Corrie. When she was pregnant with Judge I came home one day after work to find all the carpet and pad in our living room ripped out. Guess that was a sign we were getting some new flooring. We will go this weekend and get the carpet for the nursery arranged. We keep talking about all the things we need to get done. Guess we better start doing them. I just prefer my very pregnant wife not attempt them alone.


3 thoughts on “Remodeling

  1. So typically Corrie. Get an idea…do it. My thoughts exactly, but I don’t have the energy. Reign it in a bit girl. Use your brain and other’s muscles. Patience Shannon. It will all be completed before the arrival of the new kiddos.

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  2. Nothing is ever as easy as they make it look online😛. However, can’t say I’m surprised they had a “How-to-dissassemble-a-treadmill-while-25-weeks-pregnant” video… can find ANYTHING on YouTube😂

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