Money money money money……

This twin thing is NO JOKE! We knew it would be expensive but man it just keeps adding up and they are not even here yet. We have two kids so we knew all the stuff that we need, we had an idea what it would cost and knowing we would need two of most things we also knew it would cost more but seeing the numbers on paper….SCARY! The initial shock was when I finally got the amount we are going to have to pay in daycare for 3 children. Sure they give a discount for a third child but it isn’t a 100% discount so it really doesn’t matter..ha! We saved much of Judge’s things for that “someday” when we have another baby. Well that is great but now we need more.

Last week we went to check out Bye Bye Baby, we don’t have one close to us, so we made a day of it. We found a stroller that will work well for us, it can accommodate 3 kids and doesn’t need its own seat in the van because it’s so big. However this stroller is like a car, you want anything beyond the standard base model that will cost extra. You need an another seat…extra, you need two car seat adapters…extra extra, you want the glider board for your toddler….extra. We also went over to IKEA to check out cribs. We found one online we really liked and was within our budget but wanted to see it in person to make sure it was sturdy and safe. Well of course this IKEA doesn’t carry that model. Neither do the other 2 that are within driving distance AND it is a non-shippable item.

We have started a list of the essentials that we need before our two angels get here. We thought OK let’s make one major purchase a month. However our list is growing faster than we have months. You know what though these babies are coming in a few months regardless of if they have the deluxe stroller, their own cribs, new carpet in their nursery or a stockpile of bottles and clothes. They have two moms who already love them and an abundance of family and friends waiting to snuggle them.


5 thoughts on “Money money money money……

  1. The twin struggle is real, but you’ll knock it outta the park!!! It all adds up, but get donations, check consignment stores. Thats what we did. The only thing we really boyght was the bedroom furniture (we bought the DaVinci minicribs which are awesome!) and the ikea dressers. It adds up, but get help where you can to alleviate some of the expenses…and we can always try and help you out!

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  2. I buy everything second hand pretty much, it saves a ton of money and usually I can get at least pretty close to what I want. I’m not sure where you live but I suppose that also makes a difference. Do you guys use baby carriers? I don’t have three obviously but instead of a double stroller I just have a single and a carrier and it makes getting around so much easier (and less expensive in the end.

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    • My wife does tend to go to the couple decent second hand stores we have close by. She especially likes going when our 3-year old needs a special outfit that he may only wear a couple times. No sense in spending a lot for something not to be worn out.


      • In Toronto we have a ton of facebook pages of moms/parents/caregivers for buying and selling things. Its amazing!!! I also use craigslist and kijiji for certain things. Baby stuff is so expensive! I can’t imagine with two!

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