Holiday recap

The Christmas decorations are finally put away so I guess that means I can now write about it. HA! Christmas in our house was hectic. It is hard for Judge because he is very much a routine kid and when he doesn’t get his naps at a regular time or to go to bed at a decent hour he can become a bit of a bear. We wanted him to enjoy his time and not miss something due to a nap but we knew for everyone involved naps were a must. Christmas Ever was spent at Corrie’s parents which is only about 2 miles from us and my family came to our house on Christmas morning for brunch. Plus you throw in some friend get togethers and extended family celebrations and Christmas lasts right up until New Years.


Wrapping Christmas presents is the worst part for me.

We (Santa) bought Judge a train set for Christmas. Unfortunately it frustrated him because it easily derailed. We put it away and will bring it out another time when he can work it better. We also gave him a harmonica and let me tell you he loves it and is pretty darn good at it. He is very drawn to music so I can not wait to see what he does with that. I have noticed the older a child gets the more expensive the gifts get. Mason, who is 13, got a Kindle Fire as his main gift. Corrie came up with this idea and it was a great one! He is actually sitting and reading books for fun. He has always enjoyed reading but this just bumped it up a notch.


The train set is really neat just not for 3 year olds



Hungry Hippos was a hit



You can just tell how much Judge loves his brother in this picture.

Corrie is very hard for me to buy any sort of gifts for! I just never feel creative enough. I feel I did a decent job this year. I bought her a framed autograph picture of one of her all time favorites, Pat Summitt. I also however bought her new shoes to play tennis in. After giving them to her though I realized that probably was not one of my best gift giving moments. Why give a 5 month pregnant woman shoes that she will not be able to use for at least 5-6 months?? Sorry honey!

It’s official….we own a van! A 2012 Honda Odyssey is now parked in our garage. Corrie’s parents were generous enough to do a trade with us and it helps out a ton. I never envisioned myself owning a van but then again I never imagined having 4 kids. I must say though I absolutely love it! It is so roomy and feels very safe. I just can not wait to fill it up with more kids.


Corrie has been sick for about 3 weeks. A cold and bad cough but it is made worse by the fact that there is nothing she can really take. She has been gaining weight and that is a good thing because it means she can eat again instead of her constant nausea. I felt the babies move for the first time last night. That was exciting! Not sure if I felt her, him or both but none the less I felt baby movement. Her next appointment is in a couple of weeks and we have already started a new list of questions. I think there is always going to be questions because really how can you be fully prepared to bring home two more family members??


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