Baby Pomegranates

Corrie is 21 weeks pregnant and according to her app she is carrying two pomegranates. Crazy! She is feeling better and hungry all the time now. This is a good sign and perfect timing considering over the next several days there will be more food then we can consume with all the Christmas gatherings we have. She had her 20 week appointment this past Friday and everything is looking good. Her doctor did a very thorough ultra sound. He checked both babies spines, tummies, head circumference, heart beats and confirmed that yes we still have a boy and a girl in there. Baby A is our little girl and she is currently measuring 20 weeks and some days and 13 oz. Baby B our little boy is currently measuring 21 weeks and some days and 14 oz. Since we know Corrie will have a C-section he told us we could go ahead and set the date at any time. We both sort of just looked at each other and said “not yet”.


Baby Girl


Baby Boy

We have finally decided on names but are not making them public yet. The last time we shared names it didn’t go so well and left both of us feeling a bit disappointed. We both really like the names we have chosen so we are keeping them close.

Corrie is off now until January 12 and has some projects and organizing she is going to be working on. Once we get done with Christmas it is full on operation get ready for twins mode. For instance Corrie’s work out room is now going to become a nursery. Thankfully we have some helpful friends and family who we will be putting to good use.

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and be safe if you travel during the holidays.


4 thoughts on “Baby Pomegranates

  1. I have that opinion about name sharing as well. If I ever do get knocked up, nobody but us is knowing the name until it’s on the birth certificate. People mean well but are very opinionated about things that don’t concern them.

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  2. I think keeping the names to yourselves is wise. Everyone has a memory or association with every name, and they’re never afraid to share their opinions – good or bad! But once your babies are here and you share their names, no one is going to say anything negative! At least not decent people!


  3. Look at those cute little babies! The 20 week scan was my favorite…you get to watch them in there wiggling and moving around for so long! Pretty much everyone we told hated the name Levi, but we didn’t care. We loved it. The more we said it, the more people started to embrace it. But we decided that next baby, we are saying a thing!

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