Weekend Update

So I had originally said I would do an update after Corrie’s appointment today. Well her appointment was moved to Friday. So instead I decided to give some pictures of our weekend. People always tell us how busy we are, and they are right, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sure at times it can be exhausting but the memories that we make are priceless.

Ours is a family of runners. Growing up our family vacations were often times centered around runs. Dad has a marathon at Disney World, no problem let’s go! Now I am married to a marathon runner and vacations still tend to incorporate a run. Mason runs cross-country and local road races. I have walked several half marathons, 10ks and 5Ks. Now Judge is starting to do the kid races. This past weekend was our local Spirit of Giving run. Mason did the 5k (3.1 miles) and Judge did the kid run which was 1/4 mile and they were chasing the Grinch out-of-town. Attending these events is always enjoyable because we have so many friends now in the running community so it gives us a chance to catch up with everyone.

Saturday afternoon Corrie wrapped up a basketball tournament with her team taking second. Now it is on to league play. Sunday was a divide and conquer sort of day in our home. Mason had basketball practice and Corrie wanted to take Judge on the Christmas train. It worked out well and we were able to keep all kids happy. I see many more divide and conquer days in our future with a house of 4 kids and I can’t wait!



Grandpa with the boys at Spirit of Giving


If you look close you can see Corrie’s cute 20 week baby belly


Corrie’s team took second at the basketball tournament


Judge with Santa on the Christmas train


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