Catch up….

Yikes I just realized it has been awhile since I wrote a post. I think time has a way of getting away for me (and probably most people) during this holiday season.

Our Thanksgiving was good. We spent the afternoon with my family at my sister’s house and the evening at Corrie’s family’s. We are fortunate that our family lives very close so it makes any holiday travel almost non-existent. Both of my grandmothers are still with us and for that we are so lucky. The boys getting to know their great grandmas is something I am very thankful for.


Our two boys and two nephews with their great grandmas



My mom bought all the boys turkey hats. Next year this flock will have two more!


With Thanksgiving always come the start of high school basketball season. Corrie has played basketball since she was in sixth grade. Her dad and her would go to the gym to play basketball on Sunday’s instead of going to church. She played through college and then started coaching youth all the way through to the collegiate level. Currently she is coaching high school freshman girls. I am going to brag here but I personally think she is an amazing coach! To see the way she talks to her players and treats each of them with respect shows how much she cares about them. Her knowledge of the game shines through and she passes that on to her team with fire and compassion. She was telling me that she thinks her coaching is disturbing the twins however. When she gets excited at games they tend to start moving around. I said they are going to be born with your knowledge of the game engrained in them.


Coach Corrie doing what she does best!


We have put up our Christmas tree but ornaments have not found their way on to it yet. We will do that soon. This Saturday evening is our town Christmas parade. This is something we look forward to each year. I have not started my Christmas shopping yet. Normally Corrie and I knock it out in a day or two what we don’t order online. However she gets tired out a bit quicker right now (I can not imagine why..HA) so we may need to make more short trips.




We are still playing the name game. We can not seem to agree. I want to make a decision NOW. I want to plan and organize and order things with their names on it. That is just how I am, a planner. Corrie on the other hand wants to make sure it is the right fit. We thought we had names picked but we told some friends and after hearing them out loud we decided those might not be the best picks. It is hard because with Corrie working in the school system she has heard almost all names out there. Of course you do not want to name your son the same name as the boy who was expelled on the third day of school 😉 We have a girl name we both seem to like….as of this writing. A boy name however we can not seem to reach an agreement on. If you have any suggestions toss them our way.

I will update after Corrie has her next doctor’s appointment on the 16th. We are anxious to be able to see our little man and lady! It is always so reassuring to see them wiggle about and hear their heartbeats.


2 thoughts on “Catch up….

  1. So good to read your updates. It goes with the FB photos. Luv them both. Glad to see you haven’t agreed on names. Now I don’t feel so bad about Corrie laughing at and rejecting my suggestions.


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