This past weekend Corrie and I took a momcation to Monterey (I added some pictures below of our time). A little over 6 months ago Corrie had registered to run the Big Sur half marathon, which was held Sunday, however someone had bigger plans for her. We knew when she signed up for this event and booked a hotel that there was a possibility she would be pregnant when it got here. When she was six weeks pregnant with Judge she ran a full marathon and continued to run into her 8th month of pregnancy so she knew she could run while pregnant. Had she been pregnant with a single baby she may have run but we are being double blessed and her running 13.1 miles was just not in the cards. She gave her race bib to a friend but we decided to still go since we had many friends running and grandparents lined up to watch the kids. We also figured this may be one of the last opportunities for us to get away before it is to hard for her to travel or we have to many kids to actually go do anything.

We left Saturday morning after dropping the kids off. Our topic of conversation on the drive was baby names. We had a list of potential options and a whole book for back up. Needless to say we have been home 2 days now and still do not have names. We are closer but not definite. I told Corrie my plan for the weekend was to drink all the alcohol and coffee I wanted. If you know me at all you know that actually means COFFEE as I am not a big consumer of alcohol. I had only 2 drinks all weekend but every time we walked by Peet’s, which was pretty frequently I had to stop in. Might I suggest their cinnamon hazelnut latte?! 🙂

Our hotel was within walking distance of downtown and the finish line of the run which was perfect since we ate a lot of good food over the weekend that needed to be burned off. We spent quality time with each other and were also able to enjoy the company of many of our friends from our running group. Smiles and laughter were in abundance.

We headed home Monday but not before stopping at the outlet mall. Corrie was hoping to find some maternity clothes but it was pretty unsuccessful. She is already wearing things in her fourth month of pregnancy that she wore in her seventh and eighth month with Judge. She is starting to feel better though and able to make it through her days easier. She does coach basketball though and practices started this week so by the time she comes home she is completely exhausted.

The next few weeks will bring Thanksgiving and the start of Christmas shopping. We also are hoping to start shopping for nursery furniture. Sounds like a lot of money being spent…..YIKES 🙂




The dessert case at one of the restaurants we ate at….TWICE



yep that is Santa on a Segway



Being a spectator is sometimes way better than participating



One of my favorite pictures




This Santa had maracas



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