Let’s Celebrate

Yesterday was Corrie and Judge’s birthday. Yep that is right Judge was born on Corrie’s 29th birthday. What a gift! We had the party at our house and as you see it was Batman theme, Judge’s latest obsession. We kept it small this year but the love and happiness were overflowing. I have included some pictures but they do not do the day justice.



The Birthday mom and son


We surprised Judge when he woke up and filled the hallway full of balloons


Just the start of many presents


Judge has a love for anything musical


Yep that’s a life-size Batman balloon


Judge got a hold of the camera at one point. Say cheese Aunt Katie




Corrie got her own cake….her mom’s specialty



The big birthday boy. Side Note: He has not taken the rubber boots off since he got them on Halloween.


My loves

On a different note, Corrie has a doctor’s appointment this Friday. We are very excited because we know we will get to see our twins. If all goes well and they cooperate we may even be able to find out, as one friend put it, what brand they are.:) I will be sure and let everyone know how it all goes.

I leave you with this cute flipagram that Corrie made for Judge and posted on her Facebook.


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