California is in a drought and mother nature finally decided to bless us with some rain….on HALLOWEEN! Yikes, all the poor children who look forward to trick or treating had their parade rained on, literally. We did have about 25 children come to door but that was nothing compared to the 100s we normally get. Those who did come had umbrellas in hand and were still soaked. Corrie and my sister decided to brave it and took our two boys plus my two nephews out to a few houses. They too came back soaked but with lots of laughter and full candy bags. This will be a year for the memory books. Thanks Aunt Kitty for being a trooper and going with the boys. This mom melts in the rain 😉


Corrie really thought Judge would enjoy “pumpkin guts” but as you can see he had other plans and mommy ended up doing it all.


He was all smiles though when it came to showing off the pumpkin


Corrie’s shirt for work was a hit


Batman and his best friend Robin





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