Add 2 more

Now that we know we are having twins I find myself looking at everything and thinking how will I handle this with two extra littles? For instance,  how will I carry two babies and toddler J into daycare every morning? Can I still stop at the grocery store after work to pick up a couple of things and take 3 kids in with me? Will I still be able to go watch wifey’s basketball games and bring along 4 children? I am sure all of these answers will work themselves out and I will adjust but right now the thought of some of these things consumes and overwhelms me.

This past Sunday had me wondering how we will make it all work and keep our sanity. Wifey had gone with her mom to buy toddler J birthday presents, his third birthday is November 8 the same day as wife’s. Teen M needed a Halloween costume so I figured no problem me and the boys will go do that and run a couple other errands too. Toddler J was having a bit of a rough morning but I figured get him in the car and we will be good. WRONG! He wanted nothing to do with being buckled in, all out fit throwing ensued. I on the verge of throwing my own fit told both kids, “get out of the car I can not do this with you two right now!” Back in to the house we went. There were some tears and pouting (maybe more on my part) because teen wanted a costume, toddler wanted his other mom and I just wanted to get my stuff done for the day. After about an hour, some deep breathing and a bit more pouting I decided to try it again. Back to the car we went. This time everything worked out! YAY SUCCESS! Costume was purchased, lunch eaten, teen got a haircut and I even managed to get some groceries. But HOW will I do this with two more? Or will I even attempt it? Other parents do it so I will be able to also……RIGHT?!?



Had to add this picture in honor of the SF Giants being in the World Series


2 thoughts on “Add 2 more

  1. I am confident you two will figure it out. No doubt about it. Either one of you goes alone and one stays with the kids, or divide the kiddos, or late night treks while sleeping babies lie. Or call this Nana to help out. 🙂


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