Look what we did!

“Look what we did” are four words I will never forget. Those are the words we heard our fertility specialist say to us on 8-14-14. She said this as she showed us two tiny embryos on the ultra sound screen. Our world was forever changed that day.

First some quick back ground info….My wife Corrie and I have been married a year but together for seven. We are the proud parents to my biological son who is 13, our 3-year-old son whom Corrie carried and now she is 11 weeks pregnant with twins. We have a very loving and supportive family and a good group of friends.


Family photo from our wedding 10-5-13

Now back to the moment our lives changed…..Corrie had a look of OH NO on her face and I went in to ok let’s talk about how we handle this and keep everyone healthy mode. The nurse reassured us that everything looked great and Corrie’s due date would be May 5th but with twins it will be sooner. We left the office with a sort of shocked excitement. Unsure if we should laugh or cry. All I could think of was now we need a van. We both went on to work but emailed each other probably 100 times throughout the day with comments, questions or just pure joy. We had decided early on that we were not going to tell people Corrie was pregnant just yet but of course we let our parents and siblings know. They were all excited and shocked. Both of our parents are nearing retirement and now we realize maybe there was a reason for this perfect timing….EXTRA HANDS.

In the weeks that have followed the reality has set in and we are in the ok let’s talk business phase. Discussing which room in the house the twins will be in, what we are going to do about cars, how many diapers are we going to be using, how are we still going to keep our active lifestyles and cart along 4 children?!? We are over joyed with excitement though at the thought of having a big family. It will be total chaos I am fully aware of that but I also see a house full of nothing but LOVE.

Corrie had her first appointment with her OB on Tuesday and let me just say he is an amazing man and we are so blessed to have him. He brings a calming to the room as he walks in. He delivered our youngest son and to know he will be there for us again is reassuring. He sat and answered questions and was in no hurry to get to his next patient. We were able to see our babies moving and wiggling about. It is truly a miracle.

Life is about to get fun, exciting and full of love and laughter. I promise it will not be boring.


10 thoughts on “Look what we did!

  1. Congratulations again! If ever there was a family with enough love and general awesomeness to handle twins, it’s yours! I’m liking the blog too.


  2. So excited and happy for your family. What joy it is to know that you are blessed with two new little ones. Happy is not enough to describe how I feel for you.


  3. What a fantastic gift to a super wonderful family. Yep, you’ll be busy but lots of fun to be had, laughs to be shared and a bounty if friends and family that you can count on! Life is one crazy ride!!


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