The Big 1

My babies are 1! How did that happen?!? But it did and we survived. As Corrie put it, “it has been a beautiful mess”. It has not always been easy and some days were by far worse than others but I would not trade it for anything.



This little lady is so full of personality. If she is familiar with you she will give freely of her hugs and smiles but if she does not know you or has not seen you often be prepared for no love from this girl. She has a look she can give you that makes me already afraid of her when she is a teenager. She is not messing around and does not have time for this…HA! On the flip side though she is such a sweet little girl. She has a deep belly laugh that you can’t help but laugh at yourself. Her eyes light up when one of her moms walk into a room and she loves all of the attention that each of her brothers give her. She is not walking yet. I am sure part of it is because she doesn’t mind a bit that everyone carries her around like the princess that she is. At her well baby check she was 20 lbs. 4 oz. and 28.5″. I am pretty sure part of her weight is due to her cute thighs!


This guy is one of the sweetest most loving littles ever. Jace always has a smile on his face. It doesn’t seem to phase him if he has something and Summitt takes it from him he just moves on. He is always willing to share whatever he has with anyone who is around him. Jace is walking and has been for close to a month now. It is just the most adorable thing to see this little person moving all around. Jace’s hearing is better but he continues to be plagued by ear infections that just will not clear up. He has an appointment with a specialist on Monday and we are hoping to find some relief for the poor guy. At his well baby check he was 20 lbs. 4 oz and 28.7″. It is so amazing to me that Summitt and him are the same. To see them side by side you would never guess they are.


Judge is doing well. He will be doing transitional kindergarten this fall. That is for kids who have birthdays September – December. So since he will be going to school by our house we had to find him a new daycare. That was something we didn’t take lightly. He has been at the same daycare with the same group of ladies since he was just weeks old. We consider these ladies part of our family. At least the two twins will still be there or I might have a slight breakdown not seeing them every morning. Anyways we feel good with the lady we met and she will get him to and from school every day. We plan to start him there a few weeks before school so that he has some time to adjust to it before he has to adjust to school as well. Judge is also playing tee ball. He really seems to enjoy it and it is super cute to see him out there in a uniform running the bases.



Mason is in the last month of his freshman year in high school…CRAZY! He has kept up with the good grades all year. He is on the baseball team and really enjoys that. He also has his first official girlfriend which I am not so sure how I feel about that. I think he is a bit young and would like to set some better guidelines and rules but when he is not with me 100% of the time it makes it a bit more difficult. He is already getting himself set for activities he will be involved in at school next year and that is exciting. I see big things for this kid if he sticks to what he is passionate about.



Corrie is attending a basketball clinic in Las Vegas from Friday – Sunday. I am excited for her in that she will be around some very knowledgeable and legendary coaches. However this also means I will be alone with the 3 youngest for 2 nights and 3 days. YIKES! I promise I will not complain to much. Corrie also did an AMAZING job on the decorations for the birthday party. She is so crafty and has a vision that I most certainly do not have. Everything turned out perfect. I am just sad we didn’t get more pictures. She has also started making things with vinyl such as t-shirts or she is able to put words and designs on acrylic cups. Her attention to detail is what makes her stuff even better. She has just been doing things for family and friends but the requests once someone sees what she has done just pour in.


I am busy just keeping up. I feel like someone always has to be some where and needs a ride. Thankfully Corrie is able to help do that often. I find myself at times having to remind myself to just stop and enjoy what is around me. To not be in a hurry or to not have to do those dishes or fold that laundry and just enjoy the time with my children and wife. However with being as busy as I am I am taking on something new in the coming weeks. I am going to start selling LuLaRoe. If you are not familiar with it you need to be. It is a clothing line for women that is skirts, dresses, tops and the most amazing leggings I have ever owned. Everything they have is amazing and good quality. It is a direct sales company and it is sold through in home pop-ups or online sales. There are many things I like about it but one is that you can go to a pop-up and leave with a new outfit. I am all about the instant gratification. Ordering something and then having to wait 2 weeks after you order I do not do well with.

I think that is all for now. Life is definitely good!

Update for an Update

So so much to share! Life has been moving along with a lot going on. Each of us has something we are busy with and that in turn keeps the rest busy. I don’t have time to write it all out right now but plan to do a pretty extensive update this weekend or early Monday.

The twins turn 1 tomorrow! (How did that happen?!?) So we (Corrie) have been busy planning and prepping for a small (50 people!) party tomorrow. Throw in baseball games and practices and me getting ready to launch my own direct sales business and we are jamming.

But I will leave you with some cute pictures and just know there will be a lot coming next week.


These kids love their big brother more than I can express.


Party of 6

Corrie and I both grew up in a family of four. Our parents were never outnumbered by children. We are outnumbered by children. Our family is big and can sometimes be loud and comes with a lot of stuff. However we have recently figured out that due to the size of our family, or maybe the fact we have two babies, we are not being included or invited to things. To me this is hurtful and rude. Corrie however said maybe its something we need to get used to. I just don’t get it. If someone wants an event kid free just tell us and we will find a sitter if we can. Let us make that choice though, don’t make it for us by not inviting us.

Maybe I am being to sensitive?! This just came about again a couple of days ago and each time we realize what happened it stings a little for me. It makes me wonder why. It makes me question friendships. But it never makes me question the size of my family.

9 months…and other things

The babies are 9 months old. We have survived 9 months with having twins. That I think is more of the miracle on some days. We had their well baby check yesterday and they are both doing well.

Summitt is 26.5″ and weighs 18 lbs. 1 oz. She is now doing the army crawl and getting around just fine. She is cutting her two bottom teeth and I think it is harder on her than it was on Jace. Summitt has been babbling for quite some time now and really gives you the what for if she isn’t happy with something. She LOVES her older brothers. She gets so excited when Mason come into the room and can be found laughing at Judge on a regular basis. Judge calls her his girl. It is the sweetest thing. Summitt is very laid back and if you hold her she will sit in your lap happy as can be for long periods of time. She is very much our chill baby. She sleeps fairly well. She wakes up usually only once per night. She would probably even sleep through the night if her noisy little brother didn’t disturb her.


Jace is 27″ and weighs 18 lbs 14 oz. To look at the two side by side you would think Jace is so much bigger than Summitt but that obviously is not the case. He is certainly a sturdy guy that is for sure. He has been crawling for a couple of months now. He pulls himself up on everything and has in the last few weeks started to cruise along the furniture. I am almost certain he will be walking by his first birthday. He has two bottom teeth with two more working their way in. Jace almost always has a smile on his face. He is just a happy guy. He is constantly moving and exploring everything the world has to offer him. However he sleeps terribly. He has taken to sleeping on the living room floor at night. By sleep I mean where he stays for longer than 30 minutes. He usually wakes up at least 2 times per night sometimes more. How long he stays awake varies. This week I have been able to catch some good tennis from the Australian Open since it is on live until 3 am! I would much rather be sleeping!


Judge can be registered for transitional kindergarten this year. This is for kids who have birthdays September-December. He is a November baby so TK it is for him in the 2016-2017 school year. On Monday it is registration at the public school that is in our neighborhood. Corrie will go stand in line to do that. Then we are thinking we are also go to put his name in the lottery at a charter school that is close by. If he doesn’t get into the charter school he will go to the public school. The public school scores high on standardized tests and it is a good school (Mason went there in 4th and 5th grades) so if he doesn’t get picked in the lottery it would be ok. Unfortunatly this means we will have to find Judge a new daycare. He currently goes to one close to my work but because he will need transportation to and from school we will have to find one closer to our house. Corrie has already made a few phone calls and we have some prospects. We absolutely love where him and the babies go now so the thought of moving him makes me sad already. We also just got an email and he will have his first t-ball practice on Friday.


Mason got straight As on his report card and is getting ready to try out for the freshmen baseball team. He is not quite sure what to expect as he isn’t sure how many kids will be out there. We have just told him to give it everything he has and not stop. I just saw what the game schedule looks like and to say we would be busy from Mid-Feb until May would be an understatement.

The moms are hanging in there. Some days the lack of sleep gets to us more than others. I was told once before by TheLadyKing over at Impossibly Royal that at the end of the day if all the kids are still alive than you did your job and man there are days that this could not be more true. Then there are day when everyone gets along, the babies entertain themselves for a bit, the older boys are able to do their own thing and I get a glimps of the future and realize ok I am going to be able to do this. Corrie is getting close to the end of basketball season which means she will not be gone a couple nights a week and I know I am excited about that. While I fully support her coaching and love of basketball I will also be the first to admit that having that extra set of hands at meltdown:30 is wonderful. Now if we could just get the kids to sleep and for them to stay asleep so we can have time to sit and watch TV uninterrupted would be nice.


Sleep…what is that?!

So many of my friends in the blogging community are talking about their baby’s sleep. Maybe it is the time of year? Maybe it is we all have babies around the same age? Or Maybe it is that it is just something we all have to go through and it is miserable! Our family is no exception in that we too are fighting the evil sleep/no sleep issue.

When the babies were newborns we let them pretty much make their own sleep schedules. When one would wake in the middle of the night we would wake the other just so that they were being fed at the same time and we could keep it from one always being awake and one being asleep. Then it got to the point where Summitt would not eat if she was not ready. You could not make her do something she didn’t want. We moved them from rock and plays in our room to their own cribs in a room they share. That worked for a bit but they were waking every few hours to eat.

About five weeks ago Jace decided that the only place he was willing to sleep was our living room floor. So he would fall asleep and we would lay him on the floor. Then when it was time for Corrie and I to go to bed I would make my bed on the couch. He would wake up usually two times per night and sometimes be awake crying and screaming for an hour, sometimes he would eat and fall right back to sleep. We were finding no pattern in this. Summitt would sleep in her crib and usually wake up once and Corrie would always tend to her. We did this pattern for about 3 weeks. Luckily we have a comfy couch but sleeping in a bed would have been nice! After we went to the specialist about his ears and he was put on an antibiotic for fluid in his ears we decided to try putting him back in his crib.  We thought maybe his ears had been bothering him all along and with them being better he would sleep better. This worked for about a week. For a week we were able to put them both in their cribs around 8:00 PM and they would wake once around 1:30 AM to eat and be changed and then would not wake again until 7:00 AM. Corrie and I were thinking maybe we had turned a corner…..WRONG! This week we have gone backwards. The babies started playing leap frog with someone waking up every two hours. So we were sleeping in 2 hour chunks. When a baby wakes up usually Corrie makes a bottle while I change a diaper and then they eat, fall back asleep and we move them back to their bed. This can take anywhere from 20-40 minutes. Last night we decided we need some sleep,because this leapfrog wasn’t working. So we put both babies to bed at 8:30 PM (Corrie had a basketball game so it was a little later night) and when Jace woke up at 12:30 I took him down stairs and feed and changed him and then put him where he wants to be…the floor. Corrie got up with Summitt when she woke up at 1:30 but I was downstairs sleeping so didn’t hear them. Jace woke again at 4:30 and I took care of his needs and put him back down. So basically we are each taking a baby. This is only going to work for so long. At some point these babies need to SLEEP IN THEIR OWN CRIBS ALL NIGHT! This mom is tired of sleeping on the couch! I am doing what I have to so that I can get a few hours of sleep before I have to get up and get myself ready for work and the rest of the house ready for their days. I keep telling myself someday these babies will sleep all night and this will all be a distant memory but that someday can not come soon enough!

Jace Man

If you are my friend on Facebook you may have heard about Jace and his ears. If not this will be new information.

About 6 months ago Corrie brought to my attention that she didn’t think Jace was hearing well. He wasn’t responding to his name, couldn’t seem to tell which direction sounds were coming from and would not startle when there was loud noises such as doors being shut. Of course then we started “testing” him all of the time. We asked the ladies at daycare and they too started to notice. We thought maybe he just had plugged ears and took him to his pediatrician. The doctor found nothing unusual in his ears. He didn’t even see fluid he said. He gave us a referral to go have Jace tested so we could figure out what was going on. Because of Jace’s age there is no one in the area that takes patients that young. The referral was for Children’s Hospital in Madera. When I called them in November to set up the appointment the earliest one they had available was in May! Um no if there is something wrong with my son we want to know now. Corrie made a few phone calls and we found out we could go to UCSF Children’s Hospital satellite location in Walnut Creek and they could see him in January.

We noticed in the time leading up to the appointment that sometimes his hearing would seem better and sometimes not as much. I wondered if he was just ignoring us or if the house was so busy with six people that he would just check out. Corrie consulted Dr. Google and that is never a good idea.

Walnut Creek is about an hour and a half away and our appointment time would put us driving over in the middle of commuter traffic AND there was going to be a major rain storm that morning. So we left 3.5 hours before the appointment time. They other 3 kids all stayed with grandparents so we didn’t have to take them out that early in the morning. Of course we ended up arriving way early but I was glad for that rather than having to stress not making it.

The facility was very nice and big. Jace’s appointment was with the audiology and speech department. After the standard check in and asking questions as to what we felt was wrong I took Jace into a sound proof room where he sat on my lap. They connected him to monitors with a plug in each ear. A woman sat in front of him to keep his attention. In the room next door where Corrie was sitting was the audiologist who was administering the test. She tested his hearing at difference decibles, sounds and calling his name. Each time he heard a noise in a certain ear he would look in that direction and would be rewarded with a screen that would show a cartoon. Then they would shut it off and the lady keeping his attention would get him to focus back on her. The test lasted all of about 20 minutes but of course as I was sitting there holding him unable to hear the noises myself I felt like it was taking forever and he was not looking different directions very often. When the test was complete and she came to discuss the results I was searching the audiologist and Corrie’s faces for some sign of how it went. They both however told Jace he did so good. The audiologist said she saw nothing wrong with his hearing. She then tested the pressure in both ears and was able to tell he had fluid in them. She let us know that what she thinks is happening is his ears fill with fluid and that causes him to not hear well and then when the fluid starts to drain he starts to hear better. Jace never shows any of the signs of ear infection such as fever, cranky, or ear tugging so that we know something is wrong and take him in to the doctor. She advised us to take him to his pediatrician and get an antibiotic for the fluid he has now. She wants to see Jace once more in May and will check things again. If there is still fluid then she will want to refer him to an ear, nose and throat specialist for possible tubes.

We left the appointment relieved there was nothing wrong with his hearing and made an appointment with his pediatrician for the next day to get some meds. Mason had tubes several times when he was younger. I know they work wonders so if that is what Jace ends up needing then we will not hesitate. We will though continue to hope that this just takes care of itself with the warmer weather and end to cold and flu season.

All I want for Christmas….

Is for all the sickness to leave our house! At least one person in the house has been sick since the middle of November and I am pretty over it. It started with Summitt having a stomach bug. Then Judge got that. Then Jace got pink eye and he passed it on to Summitt. Then Judge got pneumonia. I got a bad cold. Corrie got a double ear infection and sinus infections. Summitt is coughing still and throws up when she eats from gagging. Then last night Mason came home saying he felt all achy. See we need a break! I just keep thinking maybe we are paying our dues for the rest of the winter now. One can hope!